Steve Adamson

My mind is always in motion and always on the prowl for the next awesome product I can bring to life! Through telling stories, developing games, voice acting, heck basically anything creative or exciting and new I love to dabble in. Such as photography, cooking, travel to learning new languages and much more! One of my main passions is telling a story through interactive media such as games and educational products. So back in 2000 I started my own company Gear Worx Productions ( which designs, develops and creates awesome new games. Also recently I opened a subdivision called Digital Free Fall ( Which aims at creating cool interactive educational experiences for all ages!

I remember the very first computer animated film that I watched, TRON! I remember standing outside in line, in the pouring rain, holding my fathers hand, waiting to get into the nice warm and dry theater. I did not know what to expect when I entered the cinema that night. However what played out before me, made me wide eyed and curious, and got me interested in computer graphics and software. Shortly after a Laserdisc game, created by animation GOD, Don Bluth hit the local arcades. It was called Dragon’s Lair…. This game was basically an interactive movie containing traditional 2D animation that blew my mind. Dirk the daring, Princess Daphne, Evil Dragon Singe… OH MY GOD THIS WAS AMAZING!!! I thought, so for the next couple years I played that game in the arcades. I must of pumped in over $500 in to those machines. That's really when animation opened my eyes, I was a Don Bluth addict and still am to this very day. His greats include The Secret Of Nimh, Titan AE, Fantasia and so many more. I really owe it to Don Bluth for getting me into animation and my brain into that creative though process, and now I working in a job I love and in an ever expanding industry, full of possibilities!

- Steve Adamson