2016 - Cartoon Character Reel:

The cartoon characters reel showcases vocal & editing work I have completed for my clients. If you need other styles of voices feel free to contact me for a sample audition. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the reel.

2016 - Commercial Reel:

Coming Soon! - Feel free to contact me for a sample audition, if you require VA work for your project.

Videogame Trailers:

Below you will find a couple of videogame trailers, where I voiced the narrator.

Other Audio Vocal / Mixing Samples:

Below you will find a collection of some of my vocal and mixing work. Some were for paid retail contracts, while others were recorded to help independent companies or individuals. I hope you enjoy listening to them, as much as I did recording them.

Flatline Teaser - Audio Book (Personal Project)

This radio play was put together as an experimental project. Although it was received very well, I never took it past the teaser clip. In this radio play, I voice the role of Trent Garick, a man that has the ability to see into the near future, however he can only see the horrors that befall the innocent. He decides to take this ability and put it to good use, by trying to help those in need. I also did all of the audio mixing for this clip.


Planet Unknown - Audio Book

Planet Unknown is an audio book I worked on. I voiced the narrator and also mixed the entire clip.


Wake Up Groundhog - Audio Book (Voice Of Gregory Groundhog)

This audio book was created for special needs children, I donated my voice to the role of Gregory Groundhog. This was one of my favorite projects, as many children enjoyed this classic remake, based on a book of the same title.


Sword Of Mana - Radio Play (Voice Of Old Wise Man)

This is a great radio play, and I was very proud to be a part of it. I voice the role of the wise old man. You can hear me about 9min 50secs into the radio play.

Listen to my role below:


Listen to the full radio play below: