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Zak McKracken: Between Time & Space & The Mystery Of Oak Island

I am excited and super pleased to let you all know about a game I was honored to be a part of, where I voiced 7 of the games characters. It is a free download and is out now available for WINDOWS & OSX. You can get your copy HERE! Be sure to check out another game project I am a part of called "The Mystery Of Oak Island" you can check that out HERE! Also check out it's trailer's for each below, where I voice the narrator in both. Enjoy!

Take care and thanks for watching!

- Steve Adamson

Game development mad!

Hello fellow animators, voice actors, game developers ..... HELL Welcome all creative minds. Just a little update to let you know I am alive and kicking. I am currently so wrapped up in working on my games that I have little time to update this blog. So if you want to check out what I am doing in the wonderful world of games and game animation then head over to Gear Worx Productions. However when new work is completed I will post viable and relative information here.

Take care

- Steve Adamson

Awesome Links

 Zak McKracken: Between Time & Space (WIN / OSX) - I voiced seven of the games characters as well as the Trailer Narrator. Now available for download!

The Mystery Of Oak Island - I am voicing several of the games characters including the trailers narrator.